Teaching applications

Teaching applications

MS-DOS (open in a new tab)
Neuromuscular junction

Here is a short manual for using the program.
In this application, there could be a problem using a mouse. In such a case use the keybord (Alt + letter to activate menu, arrows and Enter to select and confirm an action). 

JAVA application (downloads)

The application will download to your computer and can be run from it.

 Web applications (developed by us)  (open in a new tab)

Heart cycle (PV loop)

This interactive application demonstrates relationships between pressure and volume in the heart ventricle and the dynamics of the heart cycle. Can be run as an animation.

Spirometry (flow-volume graph)
Senses (test)

Here you will find two blind spot tests, three negative pseudoimages and two animations of optokinetic nystagmus test.

Web applications (from other sources)

Acids and bases [PHET]
Diffusion [PHET]
Action potential [PHET]
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